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News about ESHMOUN

About us ?

Eshmoun - Clinical Research is an academic Contract Research Organization (CRO), specialized in the delivery of high quality clinical research services, in all stages, all aspects and all therapeutic areas. It also provides services in observational studies and registers.

Eshmoun’s strategy, through its position as Academic CRO, is to federate Public and Private Partnership.

The origin of the name « Eshmoun » is Tunisian. It is the Punic god of healing whose temple sat on the hill of Byrsa in the heights of Carthage.

Our vision

is enabling African – Middle East region to take part of global production of reliable knowledge in health care

Our values

are symbolized by passion, ambition and transparency in clinical research

Our mission

is enabling clinical research development in the region and health policies based on local data

Why Tunisia ?

Cérémonie du lancement d’Eshmoun-Clinical Research

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Development axes

Strong of the notoriety of its founders, its mission, its values and its position of academic company carrying its project in the reinforcement of the Public Private Partnership, Eshmoun Collaborates with eminent experts recognized on the national and international level in the Medical, Paramedical, Pharmaceutical and Research fields.

Medical fields :


Management Board

Pr Faiez Zannad

Senior Advisor

Dr Souad Dziri

Eshmoun CEO

Dr Chokri Jeribi

Chief scientific officer & Corporate affairs

Scientific Board

Eshmoun’s activities are supervised by International Academic Board, composed of International Scientific Experts

Présidente EDDH

Pr Stéphanie Grojean

Immuno / Pr Emérite

Pr Amel El Gaieed

Anésthésie - Réa

Pr Alexandre Mebazaa

Directeur IPT

Pr Hechmi Louzir


Dr Moez Ben Ali

Chirurgien / Pr Emérite

Pr Chadli Dziri


Pr Habib Gamra

Directeur Biotechpôle

Pr Hamadi Ayadi



Our job offers :

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